One Boulder is a unified coalition of Boulder residents concerned about the effects of two ballot issues purporting to reign in growth but which will have huge unintended consequences on our community. Specifically, Citizens for One Boulder has formed to oppose the so-called “Neighborhood Right to Vote” initiative and Coalition for One Boulder has formed to opposed the so-called “Growth Should Pay It’s Own Way” initiative.


Involved in our campaign are students, local businesses, cyclists, environmentalists, seniors, housing advocates, in fact anyone who seeks a vibrant and sustainable Boulder that is inclusive and progressive. We agree with proponents of these initiatives that growth should be thoughtful, reasoned, measurable, and sustainable. Where we disagree is the TABOR-like effects of the ballot measures that could have the effect crimping our community environmental goals, and of bringing innovation to a standstill. We welcome you to join us in a civil conversation about the best way forward for our community.

The steering committee for Citizens for One Boulder and Coalition for One Boulder consists of Will Toor President, Leslie Durgin Vice President, Bob Morehouse Treasurer, Angelique Espinoza, Regina Cowles, John Tayer, Dan Powers, Sean Maher, Sue Prant, Andy Schultheiss, and Elisabeth Patterson. We welcome support from any and all Boulder residents and organizations who believe in a vibrant and inclusive future for our community.

Visit our Donate page to support the cause and get involved.