Jerry Shapins: Ballot issues would make city more brittle

The opinions published in the Daily Camera have been a powerful reminder about the need to pay attention to how our neighborhoods can adapt to change for the good of all. Proposed neighborhood initiatives 300/301 suggest that we “plan by voting” to protect citizens from land-use changes while also paying for community benefits. If the initiatives pass we will become a more brittle, less tolerant and conservative community and limit our ability to create the future we want. Neighborhoods instead should conduct their own inspiring and immersive conversations that empower citizens to envision an optimistic future.

Here on the north side of Mapleton Hill, where Goose Creek flows down from Dakota Ridge but is underneath North Boulder Park and the Community Hospital, we have been crafting a hopeful local discourse to engage neighbors, support the city, and to shape how our future can include more affordable and denser housing, unique park and public access experiences, wonderful places to work, and to preserve/enhance the special ecological attributes of the Goose Creek neighborhoods. We have organized a committed group of citizens to manage local communications, research data and opinions, conduct events and meetings, and meet to strategize how to affect positive and sustainable neighborhood evolution.

Because we are in the epicenter of the Boulder Community Hospital site, we are actively determining how we can enlighten a vigorous city-led planning process to redevelop the nine-acre BCH site that will benefit the whole community and adapt the hospital site for city usage and more. We are lucky to be living the American Dream in Boulder, and of course we should share it with future generations and the diverse communities who will make us a better city. Vote Yes for Goose Creek neighborhood’s future and No on 300/301.

Jerry Shapins


Originally published by Daily Camera on October 31, 2015